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14th Conference 2017

Lugano, Switzerland

14 -17 June, 2017

Lugano, Switzerland is waiting for you!!


The Oncology Institute of Southern Switzerland cancer centre located in Southern Switzerland (Cantone Ticino). A dedicated team of physicians are engaged in making continuous advancements to upgrade the basic and clinical research work.

About Lugano

Lugano is a very serene and calm city, located in the southern Switzerland’s Italian-speaking Ticino region. The city has a mix of Swiss-Mediterranean cultures, that gets clearly reflected its architecture and food.

Scientific Programme

ICML 2017 will include scientific programs, abstract submissions, and keynote lectures. Worldwide hematologists, radio-oncologists, clinical oncologists, pediatricians, and leading researchers will attend the conference.

Lodging services

Our company is providing the best accommodation and transportation services, along with the registration assistance to the participants of ICML 2017 for making their entire experience memorable and trouble-free.